Our Therapists

Jenny Jackson
Counsellor, Family Therapist, Supervisor, MNZAC, MNZCCA
021 167 0308
Jenny works with both individuals and families and has a particular interest in working with teenagers and their families. She offers supervision.


Erica Steele
M.A. (App), Counsellor, Coach/Mentor, Trainer, MNZAC
021 1774 232
Erica’s clients include individuals and organisations. She specialises in career and personal counselling, coaching and mentoring, training and facilitation. Erica’s specialty is helping individuals to build confidence, wellbeing and focus both personally and professionally.  She is the author of The Mentoring Handbook.


Val Boag
Counsellor, Supervisor, MNZAC
021 269 0224 valb103@gmail.com
Counselling couples and individuals, Supervisor and Mediator. Val has extensive experience in marital counselling and in mediating between separating couples who request assistance in making Parenting Plans for their children. She also offers supervision.


Anne Clothier
Psychotherapist, Supervisor, MNZAP
021 121 6253
Anne works with adults, couples, is ACC registered and offers supervision.


Fay Renata
Counsellor, MNZAC
027 444 3189 fayrenata@gmail.com
Fay seeks to build strength and hope in those who are going through a season of challenge brought on by loss, stress, depression, anxiety and other concerns.


In Hwa Jung Counsellor In Hwa Jung (정인화)
Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, NZAC, PBANZ, DAPAANZ, PAnzA
021 0262 3579 Junginhwa1@hotmail.com
In Hwa is a Korea-born NZ trained counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor. His training includes social work, psychosynthesis counselling and psychotherapy, supervision, group psychotherapy and addiction studies. He has good experience in working with addiction, mental health and relationship issues. He has also strong interests in working with cultural and sexual identity along with existential issues.

정인화는 1991년에 뉴질랜드에 와서 20년 넘게 심리 상담/치료사로서 일하고 있습니다. 와이테마테 보건성, 가정 법원, ACC뿐만 아니라 개인적으로 정신 건강, 부부 관계, 정체성 문제, 물질 중독이나 행위 중독 등에 대해 상담 치료를 하고 있습니다.

Chrissie Nixon Chrissie Hayes (Nixon)
Counsellor, MNZAC
027 713 5399 chrissienixon@gmail.com
Chrissie works with individuals of all ages, helping them to find their way through life’s difficulties. Chrissie works with people who are experiencing stress and/or anxiety with family or work, as well as depression and grief.
Elsabé Pretorius Art Therapist, ANZACATA
Elsabé Pretorius
Art Therapist, ANZACATA
021 1399 477 elsabe2014@gmail.com
Elsabé works with individuals of all ages. She is a qualified art therapist and is registered to support ACC clients with a history of sexual abuse.